Western Power Network Operations Control Centre

Monday 22 August 2022

About the Tour
Join us at the Western Power Control Centre to see how the South West Interconnected Network is operated in real time and learn grid control, inertia, system strength. The tour will start with an introductory video, and then guests will get the chance to explore each area in the room (Distribution, Transmission and Dispatch). A short Q&A will be available at the end of the tour.

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(Group 1) 9:30am – 10:15am
(Group 2) 10:15am – 11:00am
(Group 3) 11:00am – 11:45am

Western Power
363 Wellington Street
Perth WA 6000

A safety measure for the Control Room operators, all visitors will be required to wear a KN95 mask (to be provided) and will be required to show proof of negative RAT (photo) the day of the visit.


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Local Government Decarbonisation Journey

2:30pm – 3:30pm AWST — Monday 22 August 2022

WALGA is partnering with Energy Week 2022 to deliver a virtual panel session for Local Government, which will highlight leadership within the sector on the transition to lower emissions energy.

The panel session will focus on Local Governments that are leading the way in energy transition and the lessons they have learnt. Attendees will hear from a range of key stakeholders on the topics, including representatives from WALGA and metropolitan and non-metropolitan Local Governments. 

Opening remarks from Energy Policy WA followed by a vibrant discussion from our Local Government panel speakers.


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Energy Behaviour Change

1:00pm AWST — Tuesday 23 August 2022

Dr Lang will introduce several behavioural science concepts that are critical to understanding why people do or do not engage in energy saving behaviours. She’ll demonstrates those concepts using a case study of landlords’ energy efficiency behaviour.

A must see for policymakers and practitioners who want to draw on behavioural science to increase energy conservation.

Dr Michaela Lang

Energy Social Science Researcher
BehaviourWorks, Monash University

Michaela is a behavioural researcher with a focus on improving the health and environmental impacts of poor-quality housing. She recently completed a PhD examining the energy efficiency behaviour of small-scale private landlords. Prior to that, Michaela worked in local government, leading community engagement on climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.


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Energy Communication Hackathon

11am – 5pm AWST — Tuesday 23 August 2022

The Problem
Electric vehicles will significantly increase electricity demand on the power grid particularly during the evening peak once EVs drivers return home. Unless EV owners charge their vehicles after off-peak, the additional demand required all at once will make the power grid less reliable and efficient resulting in higher energy prices for customers.

Hackathon Challenge
Electric vehicles will significantly increase electricity demand on the power grid particularly during the evening peak if EVs drivers default to charging their EVs when they return home. This could create challenges for the power system, requiring additional system augmentation costs and could result in higher energy prices for customers.

Student teams will work together (with the help of a mentor) to develop a communications strategy and a 5-min presentation focused on creating awareness and action in the target audience. Background information & resources will be provided at the event.

The Prize
The winning team will receive a trophy, bragging rights and free tickets to the 2-day premier Energy in WA conference held at the Ritz Conference 25-26 August 2022.*

The Energy in WA conference has been the State’s premier energy conference since 1996, which hosts the leaders in energy as they discuss trends and opportunities around energy policy, regulation, technology, economic and consumer trends.

The winning team will have an opportunity to highlight their winning ideas at the conference and network with leading industry professionals.

*Conference ticket does not include Awards dinner

Hackathon Participation Requirements

Event Details
Hosted by Synergy
Location: Synergy Co Lab
219 St George’s Terrace – Perth, WA 6000
Tuesday 23 August 2022
11am – 5pm


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Live Stream Access – Hackathon Presentations and Awards

Hackathon participants will share their energy communication ideas with a panel of judges. To tune in virtually for the final presentations and awards, RSVP via the link below.

Live Stream Event: 3pm – 4:30pm


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Project Symphony: WA’s largest DER Orchestration Pilot

11am AWST – Wednesday 24 August 2022

Project Symphony is an exciting and innovative pilot project that will orchestrate approximately 900 Distributed Energy Resources (DER) assets across 500 homes and businesses in Perth Western Australia into a VPP.

Project Symphony will be delivered by Western Power in collaboration with Synergy, the AEMO and Energy Policy WA. The VPP will aggregate and optimise DER, providing value to the customer, the network and energy markets, unlocking greater economic and environmental benefits for customers and the wider community. 

Unlocking all of these benefits together, will provide the greatest value to customers. As such, Project Symphony encompasses the end-to-end transactions that will enable a value chain for customer DER assets to participate in the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM). 

Andrew Blaver

Program Manager – Western Power




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Low Carbon Futures with CSIRO and Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre

Wednesday 24 August 2022

About the Tour
The 2022 IPPC Working Group 3 report states that the need for large-scale deployment of carbon dioxide removal methods is now “unavoidable” if the world is to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.  Likewise, the IEA calls for an expansion of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects — where carbon dioxide emissions are captured at the source, and then pumped and stored deep in the ground.  Further, while renewable energy and electrification are expected to do the bulk of emissions reduction heavy lifting, emissions reduction in hard-to-abate industry sectors continues to be a challenge.

CSIRO’s WA-based energy team is at the forefront of researching methods for direct air capture carbon capture, carbon use technology, storage and monitoring. We invite you to go behind the scenes and meet the scientists working to discover how these technologies can contribute to a low carbon future, including in industry sectors.

CSIRO is also working with world-class supercomputing facility, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, on low carbon energy opportunities for high power demand metropolitan sites. Hear from the Pawsey team about their sustainability program, including geothermal cooling and hydrogen feasibility studies.

Guests are welcome to stay for light refreshments following the tour.

2:00pm – Registration
2:30pm – Tour Start
4:30pm – Sundowner

Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC), Kensington
26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA 6151
There is free parking available on site

All visitors to CSIRO sites must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination will be inspected on arrival.
Please wear enclosed flat shoes, full length sleeves and pants and be prepared to wear safety goggles/face masks on site.

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